With Liberty and Dividends For All

Jobs alone can’t sustain a large middle class in the future—there just aren’t, and won’t be, enough good-pay­­ing jobs to do that. If we want to retain a large middle class in America, we must supplement labor income with non-labor income. The best way to do that is with dividends from wealth we own together.


Describes how teenagers are recruited, trained and turned into pawns of American foreign policy, and argues for a right to conscientious objection to specific wars.
climate solutions

Climate Solutions

Demystifies climate policy so that citizens can play an active role in forming it. Describes local, state and national policy options and encour­ages citizens to get involved.

Capitalism 3.0

Proposes a new operating system for capitalism in which critical eco­systems would be man­aged by trusts on behalf of future gener­ations and all living persons equally.
who owns the sky

Who Owns the Sky?

Argues that the atmo­sphere is a commons and that by treating it as such, we can curb greenhouse gas emissions while paying dividends to everyone. Calls for creation of a sky trust to manage America’s share of the atmosphere on behalf of future generations and all Americans equally.
peoples land

The People’s Land

Two hundred years ago, America envisioned itself as a demo­cratic nation of independent land owners. Today, in many places, giant absentee landlords—timber companies, railroads, energy and agri­business corporations—dominate the lives of local residents. This book delineates both the history of land ownership in America and potential ways to broaden it.

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Can Basic Income Come to America?

LAST SUNDAY, Swiss voters defeated a ballot initiative that would have required their government to pay every Swiss citizen $2,500 a month, no questions asked. That electoral setback is far from a death knell for basic income in Europe, however. In Finland, the center-right government is test­ing a plan that could pay all Finns about $870 a month. In Britain, the Neth­er­­lands and elsewhere, politi­cians are discussing simi­lar schemes, and popular interest is spreading.

But America isn’t Europe, and whatever the odds of basic income taking hold there, they’re a lot lower here. Most European countries already have gener­ous welfare states, with no shame or stigma attached to them. There, basic income is viewed as a way to simplify, not expand, the existing welfare state. Cut out the bureau­crats and the qualifying tests, and just give every­one cash to use as they wish.

4798232The situation is quite different in the United States. Here, efforts over the years to build a welfare state have con­sist­ently been thwarted by Ameri­ca’s prefer­ence for individual self-reli­ance, distaste for government, and racism. The re­sult is a safety net so stingy and hard to navigate that many who are eli­gible don’t even bother. To shift from that to a basic income for every­one would be an extraordinary leap, the mere thought of which pushes two potent American hot but­tons: (1) fear that our work ethic will be undermined, and (2) dread that our taxes will soar.

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