The Army and the Airwaves

The New Republic, December 20, 1969

TO RECTIFY the preponderance of military recruiting on the airwaves, San Francisco peace groups have asked TV sta­tions to broadcast anti-recruitment ads (“See your draft counselor, not your recruiter”) as well.  Their basis is the Fairness Doctrine.

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Carpetbagger Draft Boards

The Nation, September 8, 1969

CAN A MAN be classified and inducted by a draft board whose members do not live in the area of the board’s jurisdiction?  According to two federal judges in Northern California, the answer is no.

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The Presidio “Mutiny”

The New Republic, July 5, 1969

THERE WERE TEARS of joy outside the barren one-room courthouse on the afternoon of June 7. Four­teen GI’s charged with mutiny for conducting a peace­ful sit-down demonstration at the San Francisco Presidio stockade had just been given light — by Army standards — sentences.

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An Outcry: Thoughts on Being Tear Gassed

Newsweek, June 2, 1969

LAST TUESDAY, I was gassed twice in Berkeley.  It hurt.  The police and National Guard no longer bother with simple tear gas.  They are using a chemi­cal called CS — the kids call it pepper gas — that the Army uses in Vietnam.

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McCarthy: Making the System Work

The New Leader, December 18, 1967

“BOBBY KENNEDY wants to be President so badly you can practically see him saliva­ting,” one observer here noted re­cently.  Yet Senator Eugene Mc­Carthy, who doesn’t particularly want to assume the burdens of world leadership, is the man seeking the nomination.  What gives?

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