Book reviews

Review of “The New Populism” by Fred Harris

The New Republic, September 8, 1973

BOOKS BY POLITICIANS tend to be boring, staff-produced efforts designed to dis­play The Boss as a thoughtful public servant.  What sets Fred Harris’ apart is his unique angle of vision.  He is the only major politician who says publicly and indeed vo­ciferously that American capitalism is a shuck.

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A Populist Manifesto

The New Republic, April 29, 1972

The book’s thesis is that a political majority can be built by rallying workers, minorities and young people around a banner that reads: “Some institutions and people have too much money and power, most people have too little, and the first priority of politics must be to redress that imbalance.”

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Reconsidering Henry George

The New Republic, December 11, 1971

NO OTHER economics book that I have read possesses the lucidity, grace or compassion of George’s classic.  And while there are faults in George’s rea­soning, and much of what he says has been blunted by the passage of time, what strikes the modern reader is how ex­tremely pertinent this book remains.

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