Nature and climate

Don’t bet the planet on carbon taxes

The Hill, April 9, 2015

Between 1994 and 2014, the global price of oil tripled, yet U.S. oil burning barely budged. While higher prices re­duced per ca­pita consumption, they didn’t cut aggregate consumption. To do that we need to put a declining physical limit on carbon entering our economy.

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Cap and Dividend, Not Trade

Scientific American, December 1, 2008

Cap and dividend would unite Americans in the fight against climate change in a way that no other policy would — as citizens who are all co-owners and caretakers of the air.

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Cap and Dividend Testimony Before House Ways and Means Committee

Washington DC, September 18, 2008

I COME BEFORE this committee to discuss cap and dividend, a climate policy that is simple, fair, effective and market-based.  Cap and dividend allows us to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the levels scientists are calling for, while protecting the incomes and purchasing power of American families.

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The State of the Commons, 2003

stateofthecommons thumb

ALL AMERICANS are joint owners of a trove of hidden assets. These assets — natural gifts like air and water, and social creations like science and the Internet — constitute our shared inheritance. The trouble is, our common wealth — and our children’s — is being squandered.

State of the Commons 2003

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The Pollution Dividend

The American Prospect, November 16, 2001

THE ALASKA Permanent Fund hasn’t attracted much attention in the Lower 48—but it should.  For citizens of all states are about to inherit another gift of nature worth trillions of dollars.  And hardly anyone is talking about it.

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Watched in the Wild

The New Republic, August 21, 1971

FOR THE PAST year and a half I’ve been living on an old dairy ranch about fifty miles north of San Francisco. Not long ago, while I was walking with a female friend near my ranch, two armed Rangers stopped to ask who I was and where I was going.

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Kicking the Auto Habit

The New Republic, December 15, 1973

ANGELENO LIFE is unthinkable without the automobile.  But Washing­ton is talking about 10 or 15 gallons weekly gasoline quotas, Sunday closing of gas­oline stations, and immediate cutbacks of diesel fuel and heavy heating oil.

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