Nature and climate

Buying Back the Land: A Proposal for California

Working Papers For A New Society, Summer 1973

IT IS JUST within the realm of possibility that low-income groups, by joining with environmental­ists, labor and other progressive forces, could bring about a favorable distribution of land ownership in California.  The mechanism for doing this could be a state government trust fund which might be called the California Land Conserva­tion Fund.

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Mining The Prairies

The New Republic, March 24, 1973

UNDER the rolling plains of eastern Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas is one of the world’s last great energy reserves — nearly a trillion tons of lignite and sub-bitu­minous coal, about 35 billion of which are readily strippable.  A good many ranchers, young people and others, however, don’t want to mine it.

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Bad Day at Black Mesa

The New Republic, July 17, 1971

The kind of progress Hopis can’t absorb is that which makes them dependent upon white man’s jobs or welfare, destroys their attachment to the earth, and profanes their religion.  The tragedy lies not only in our readiness to commit cultural genocide, but in our inability to listen to a people who’ve been around a lot longer than we have, and may know something we don’t know.

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Trinkets for the Navajos

The New Republic, July 3, 1971

The root problem is to decrease America’s appetite for neon glitter, artificial air and electricity-devouring conveniences such as aluminum beer cans — or, if that can’t be done, to arrange that those who desire electricity bear the full costs of its production.

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The Case for Land Redistribution

The New Republic, June 19, 1971

IT’S HARD for people in cities to appreciate the need for land reform in the United States.  Most of us have been so cut off from the land that, through ignorance, we accept present landholding patterns as desirable or inevitable.  They are neither.

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