Letter to mother, circa 1950

Valerie (my younger sister) is a nuisince (sic).  Always, when I do my work, such as making my bed, I like to sing or hum.  She always butts in at either the end of each line or at the end of the song and says, “That’s you.”  It didn’t bother me at first but after about a month or two it became a nuisance (sic).  One day while I was making my bed, she came along and took a piece of gum, which she was not suposed (sic) to.  I told her not to take it but she still took it.  Then she dropped it and said, “I fooled you!”  That wasted my time.  Then Daddy came in and said “What takes you so long?”  That’s only 2 of all the things she does.  Please punish her.

Your son,